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Oslo 24.04.2014


Norske Skog and Bjornberg 1781 have agreed to enter into a long term marketing agreement for sales of publication paper in the Czech and Slovak Republics and in Poland. Bjornberg 1781 will have the exclusive marketing rights for all Norske Skog products to be sold in these markets. Norske Skog will transfer its current sales operations and sales staff in these markets to Bjornberg 1781.


This agreement significantly strengthens Bjornberg 1781's position in sales of publication grades and allows us to further develop our sales setup into a new region. We are exited with the great teams in place. "We will continue investing to expand geographical reach and broaden the product portfolio and to make sure our sales success is as legendary as our customer focus" says Bjornberg 1781`s CEO Henrik Björnberg. It is expected that the new sales and marketing operations will start in June 2014.


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